Everquest’s 21st expansion The Darkened Sea to launch in October

The Darkened Sea

As EQ celebrates its 15th year, development is still going strong for SoE’s landmark MMORPG

Sony Online Entertainment revealed the 21st expansion for Everquest at SOE Live 2014. Entitled The Darkened Sea, the new expansion takes place within 2007’s The Buried Sea.

Eight new zones are incoming with varying nautical themes, dinosaurs and dash of sci-fi thrown in with Arx Mentis. Other new zone names include Tempest Temple, Caverns of Endless Song, Combine Dregde and Degmar the Lost Castle: a sunken deep-sea fortress teeming with Dwarves.

The Darkened Sea sees the return of Lanys T'Va, the daughter of hate and EQ’s evergreen pin up girl Firiona Vie. Features-wise, a new personalised looting system will be coming, the level-cap will increase to 105, and a new mount keyring that moves mounts out of banks and bags will be available.

EQ’s 21st expansion lands first for paying SOE All Access members on October 28th and on November 11th for those that use the free-to-play option. 

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