Papers, Please to immigrate to PS Vita

Papers Please Cover

Creator Lucas Pope confirms the port of the dystopian border control game is coming to Sony’s handheld

Papers, Please is an indie game created by former Naughty Dog dev Lucas Pope. In the game you play the role of a checkpoint officer in the fictional totalitarian state of Arstotzka and are faced with some grim, nerve-racking decisions and relentless gameplay.

The game received a largely positive reception when it landed on PC last year with reviewers praising the sense of immersion, the compelling characters and the bleak narrative.

During Gamescom, Sony revealed console versions of Papers, Please would be coming to PS4 and Vita

Pope took to Twitter earlier in the week to announce the game will be coming to Vita only on an unknown date.

Speaking to vg247 earlier this year Pope noted he was considering a Vita port of the game and spoke of the challenges surrounding the adaptation of a game, built originally to use a mouse onto a handheld console.

"I do want to do a Vita version, but the thing is there's a lot of kind of interesting UI challenges to make it work well on Vita," Pope said at the time. "A much smaller screen, much smaller hit targets. So that kind of stuff interests me to try to figure out how to make it work well on Vita."

He also stated that he was unsure as to whether he would want to make the Vita version himself or pass the work on to another party.

“For a Vita version, I’m 50 percent I want to do it myself and 50 percent I should just hand it off to somebody who knows what they’re doing and can take it over for me.

For those unfamiliar with Papers, Please we have a trailer below for you.


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