Mid-season review - Rosberg vs. Hamilton

Rosberg podium

Ahead of F1's return to action at Spa we're taking a look at how the drivers are faring against their team-mates. First up, super-best-friends Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

No one at Brackley knew exactly how fast the W05 was going to be, and the results it has generated have been astonishing: 10 pole positions, 9 victories, and 6 one-two finishes.

It's not been completly plain sailing for the German powerhouse, though. The car has been less than bulletproof, and the team's policy of letting their drivers race seems to be causing more problems than the management can handle. Still, it's pretty clear that one of the Mercedes drivers will end up grasping the title this season.

Nico Rosberg - Highest grid: 6 pole positions. Highest finish: 4 wins.

When you're in the fastest car on the grid, you need to optimise your results and hope for the lion's share of good luck. In essence that's exactly what's happened for Rosberg from the off: when Lewis was winning, he made sure he was the next car home. He's also made his fair share of mistakes, but bizarrely hasn't suffered as much as perhaps he should.

There was never any doubt that Nico is a very fast racing driver, but his stock is rising further as the season wears on. Could we be looking at the 2014 Champion elect?

Lewis Hamilton - Highest grid: 4 pole positions. Highest finish: 5 wins

Oddly Hamilton's season can be divided into two sub-sections so far: pre-Monaco and post-Monaco. That defining moment showed that despite the raw speed we all know is there, Lewis still has question marks regarding his mental strength.

The early season win streak is an example of how superior he can be, but mistakes have been slowly creeping in, necessitating recovery drives that just weren't needed.  

Verdict: Rosberg's consistency and maximisation of his opportunities means he rightly leads the championship, and wins the intra-team battle. Lewis will need to regroup over the summer and remind us exactly why he's a World Champion.