Hello Games dish out some details for No Man’s Sky

No Mans Sky

One of the developers lets slip the game will have factions.

Since wowing us at E3, No Man’s Sky has been largely under wraps, but now one of the game’s devs has given some snippets of detail for the upcoming procedurally-generated universe game.

Speaking to PlayStation Access, Hello Games’ Sean Murray has made mention of a  faction system. He revealed that if players repeatedly attack certain races or groups within the game then they will become hostile to the player.

In keeping with the immersing, emotional experience of travelling through a whole universe the game isn’t going to alert you of the faction changes on the HUD, rather they will happen naturally as a consequence of your actions.

Players can also gain positive faction standings with certain entities they interact with in-game which in turn will lead them to assist you.

Murray let on that the presence of wingmen in the No Man’s Sky trailer are in fact AI pilots that had come to the aid of the player due to the fact they have been friendly towards that faction.

Again such faction fixes won’t be considered as a perk to be gained, instead it is intended that players discover such things organically as a result of their interaction with the game.

Murray also mentions space police, possibly the main faction you don’t want to be shooting at.

Factions are mentioned at around the 15 minute mark in the video below. Murray also reveals how space stations will be present in the game and how scanning tech can be used to find resources, amongst other things.

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