The Order 1886 trailer introduces Nikola Tesla and his steampunk gear

The Order 1886 GAMESCOM 03

Ready at Dawn and Sony’s PS4 exclusive title has revealed tons of new gameplay footage in the latest trailer from Gamescom.

Take an alternate reality London, throw in some werewolf-type folks, steampunk elements, some stuff about King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table, and you come up with The Order: 1886.

The game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive due for release on 20 February 2015, and looks incredible on Sony’s flagship console. Plenty of dark, dreary, mist-filled trailers have been shown since its announcement back in 2013 at E3, but now we’ve been treated to a new trailer from Gamescom which shows plenty of gameplay and different locations.

The trailer introduces Nikola Tesla – yeah, the famous electrical engineer and all-round brilliant mind – who works with The Order to provide them with their steampunk-style weaponry and gear. Take a gander below.


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