Rime’s intriguing island setting on display in new trailer

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Sony and Tequila Works have released a new video for Rime along with some details of the game’s story.

More of the PS4’s uniquely-styled upcoming adventure game Rime has been shown at Gamescom, providing the first fresh look at the game since it initially aired last year.

The game has the appeal of titles from studios the likes of Team ICO and Journey’s ThatGameCompany with a bright artistic style and sombre, isolating tone.

Fresh light has also been shed upon Rime’s plot details and gameplay,

"Rime is set in a unique ancient world of mystery, intrigue and adventure," reads a new official announcement.,"Set on a beautiful island, a boy wakes on the shore to find he's lost, with the only the island and the animals to accompany him.

"You guide the boy through the island helping him unlock the puzzles, in the trailer you can see that there are puzzles all around and finding them is just a matter of perspective, (Did you see the fox? Watch the trailer again!)”

The blurb continues by noting the integral role played by the island in the game,

"As well as following the story of the boy, the island is also an integral character in the game, and it will not give up its hidden secrets easily. Who is the boy? Why is the boy here? Why is he alone? Ultimately the game is to find the answers to all of these important questions," it states.

"In a beautifully crafted world, you will see stunning vistas as you play through the game and delve deep into the islands true meaning."

The new Rime trailer is below to satisfy any fox-spotting curiosity you may have.

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