New Alien Isolation CGI trailer shows what you’ll be doing most

Alien Isolation Xeno

Developers The Creative Assembly and Sega have released a new trailer for their upcoming survival horror title, all in beautiful full CGI.

Alien Isolation is a new addition to the first-person survival horror genre which uses the Alien movie universe as its canvas, in an attempt to scare the pants off you.

As Amanda Ripley, daughter of the original movies’ Ellen Ripley, you investigate the disappearance of your mother and set out to find the flight recorder of her ship, the Nostromo.

Of course, this being Alien, things don’t go to plan, and you’re soon trying to stay alive whilst one of those dribbling, hulking, aliens is out to hunt you down. The new trailer below shows off a lot of what I’ll definitely be doing in the game – running and hiding! Plus it’s fully-CGI, so it’s rather lovely to look at. Take a look!

Alien Isolation is due for release on 7th October for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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