SuperHot to be timed exclusive for Xbox One

SuperHot cover

Blue Brick’s Greenlight darling will get a console outing first on Xbox One

SuperHot is a minimally-styled FPS game that brings in a more strategy based element wherein time only moves forward when the player does.

The game built by Polish indies, Blue Brick broke voting records for Valve’s Steam Greenlight last September, effortlessly reaching its voting requirements within five days.

Led by dev Piotr Iwanick, SuperHot first came about during a seven day game jam last year. In the game you’re given limited ammo to use combined with the time-freezing mechanic, forcing you to put a great deal of thought into your positioning, movement and shots.

Following interest in the project the team behind SuperHot built a free public version which you can demo by hitting this link.

At the time of writing it is unclear when the game will be released, or if and when a PS4 version should follow. The PC version of the game is thought to be unaffected by Microsoft’s divisive exclusivity agreement.

If you’re keen to learn more about SuperHot, check out the trailer below.


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