New game from Saints Row devs to be announced this month

Saints Row 4

DS Volition to show their as yet unannounced title at PAX Prime

Deep Silver and Volition have announced they will be revealing a new game as part of their lineup of titles on show at the Penny Arcade Expo event. The game is set to feature in a panel entitled “Quiz Show Hour with Volition – Project Reveal & Prizes!” on August the 29th.

What is likely to be shown? Something relating to Saints Row makes for a strong possibility. Either a new title in the franchise or a version of Saints Row IV for PS4 and Xbox One could be likely.

Volition are also known for the Red Faction franchise but the rights for this are now owned by Nordic Games, making this an unlikely reveal.

There is always the possibility that Volition will bring a completely brand new IP to the public, they have worked on Saints Row for years, so we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of something new.

For now, we wait with anticipation for the reveal on August 29th whilst keeping an ear out for any rumours, teases or spoilers that may surface in the meantime.


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