Jeff Anderson talks up Randal’s Monday in new video

Randal's Monday screen

Introducing the new ‘point & geek’ adventure voiced by Jeff Anderson, the actor behind Randal Graves in Kevin Smith’s Clerks and Clerks 2.

Randal’s Monday is an upcoming graphical adventure game from Nexus rich with references to favourite movies, shows and games from the 80s and 90s. Calling itself a ‘point & geek’ adventure the game has drawn in the voice skills of Jeff Anderson who played the iconic slacker-geek Randal Graves in Kevin SMith’s Clerks movies.

Cited in a press release, Anderson lets on that he’s making the best of his role as Randal, despite it having type-cast him somewhat, “I got this showbiz thing going on where I could only play Randal,” he said, “so I just look for the coolest projects that involve Randal and here it is.”

In Randal’s Monday, play centres around Randal Hicks in a story that takes clear inspiration from the Bill Murray classic Groundhog Day,

“After celebrating his best friend Matt's engagement, Randal wakes up on a Monday morning with a serious hangover, Matt's wallet and something very precious: Matt's engagement ring.” reads the game’s description.

“Finding the ring is a convenient opportunity, since Randal gets not only fired, but also can no longer stall his landlord. In these dire circumstances, Randal can't help but to sell the ring for some cash. The consequences, however, are fatal and Randal suffers a horrible curse for his actions: Matt commits suicide and Randal is forced to live through the same fateful Monday again and again to atone for his mistake. Randal needs to reclaim the ring and sort his life out before things get worse - so worse that even the very fabric of the universe is in peril.”

Below you can see Anderson bigging up Randal’s Monday and some footage of him recording voice overs for the game.


Randal’s Monday is set to launch in the autumn.

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