ID@Xbox Devs get Unity Pro engine for free

Unity 4.3 currently supported with plans to jump straight to Unity 5.0

Unity and Microsoft are enhancing their partnership with free access to Unity Pro for those signed up to the ID@Xbox developers program.

Currently the basic version of Unity is free to download but users must then pay to get access to the engine’s most advanced tools. Now this premium version of Unity will be free for those signed up with ID@Xbox who are also granted Xbox One development kits from Microsoft.

Those already holding Unity Pro licenses will also receive free Xbox One support.

Unity has become a very popular game engine over the years with Nintendo and Sony both seeking to nurture more interest from Unity developers on their platforms. Due to the popularity generated via its free-to-try model, rival engine builders Epic and Crytek have both followed suit offering free accessibility packages with their own game engines.

The ID@Xbox program stands apart from similar schemes from Microsoft’s competitors due to the parity clause, which states that games may not be published on Xbox One if they have already been released on PS4.

Writing on the Unity Blog, the engine makers state the current build of Unity for Xbox is based on Unity 4.3 and that the next version update will go straight to Unity 5.0

"As with some of the other new platforms, Xbox One will not support Unity 4.5 but instead will jump directly to Unity 5.0", said Unity, adding that. "Unity 5.0 will eventually be our recommended version for all Xbox One development, however, we will continue to make updates for the Unity 4.3 version of the product including XDK upgrades into 2015 to ensure teams that have already built to this version of the product can ship."

Upcoming games developed for Xbox with Unity include Cuphead, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Roundabout and Ori and the Blind Forest.

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