Ex-Goldman staffer spends week on street with $40 in pocket

Homeless Man With Trolley

To gain a better understanding for the impoverished.

Neel Kashkari is not a household name for most Americans, probably not for most Californians either. The Republican nominee spent a week on the streets, homeless, with just $40 in his pocket.

Market Watch reports that Kashkari, in his mercurial career, probably had more influence on Americans' lives than they're aware.

Between 2006 and 2009, Kashkari was an aide and assistant U.S. Treasury secretary under Henry Paulson, his former boss at Goldman Sachs. Kashkari was chiefly responsible for running the Troubled Asset Relief Program. That’s better known as TARP, the $700 billion bank bailout program.

Even if you don’t know what TARP is, you know about the popularity of bank bailouts.

So, you may find it surprising that the 41-year-old Kashkari is now the Republican nominee to unseat popular Gov. Jerry Brown in this fall’s election in California.

To show his concern, and perhaps, to gain a better understanding for the impoverished, Kashkari spent a week at the end of July 'homeless' on the streets of Fresno. He boarded a bus, brought a toothbrush and with $40 in his pocket, tried to find a job. He was just like any other homeless person with a campaign camera crew following him. He slept on the streets and said he couldn’t even find a 'help wanted' sign.

Hit the link below to access the complete Market Watch article:

How a former Goldman banker became homeless

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