Evolve beta to be exclusive to Xbox One, starts January

Evolve Screen 4

Microsoft hit the games scene with another clanger, also letting on that premium DLC for Evolve will hit the Xbox One before everything else.

During their Gamescom press conference this Tuesday Microsoft have announced that the beta test for the hugely anticipated multiplayer shooter Evolve will be exclusive to the Xbox One.

It was also revealed that future 'premium downloadable content' for the game will grace the Xbox One before other platforms.

Evolve has enjoyed swathes of praise following its outing at this year’s E3, with critics at the event naming the game best in show.

Currently in development at Turtle Rock Studios, Evolve proposes an intriguing blend of cooperative and competitive multiplayer where a team of four human-shaped hunters attempt to tackle a fifth player taking the role of a giant ‘evolving’ monster.

Evolve was originally due to launch in October but has since been put back until next year. A number of alpha tests on PC are due to take place before the open beta hits Xbox One in January, with the final game for PS4, Xbox One and PC currently expected on 10th February 2015.

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