Tekken 7 producer seeks feedback on potential new Arab character

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Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken’s long-serving producer hopes west Asian fans take to the new addition to Tekken’s fighting roster.

Harada is asking for people’s thoughts about a Arab character in the upcoming Tekken 7 fighting game.

Some concept art for the as yet unnamed new fighter has been posted on Facebook with Harada quick to add that the design is not finalised and that it is merely a suggestion at this stage.

Harada is asking for feedback from Arab gamers and fans of the Tekken series to decide if the new character will be included in the game.

Decked out in clothes common with fashions within the Persian Gulf, the new character comes with a Keffiyeh and Agal headdress, Sirwal trousers and winklepicker-esque shoes.

New Tekken Character

Harada notes that the Tekken team at Bandai Namco aren’t particularly well-versed in Arabic culture and are unsure how Middle Eastern Tekken gamers would react to the new character.

"To be honest, we did have an idea of an Arab fighter since 2008, but since most of the development team members are Japanese and do not know much about the Middle Eastern culture or clothes, we were not able to fully design it back then," Harada said.

"But in recent years I have been visiting places such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and many of the development staff members have been learning about Middle Eastern culture and designs.

"If the Tekken community, especially those in the Middle Eastern area, end up liking this character, I would like to feature this character in the game. On the other hand, if this character is not received well by the Middle Eastern Tekken fan community members, there is a possibility that the character will be considerably changed or letting go of the idea of featuring this character in the game."

So far the response to the new character has been generally positive although some warn the character is looking very Assassin's Creed-ish in style. 

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