Super Toy Cars review – fun, but only a fleeting distraction

Super Toy Cars

The under-10s know instinctively how to really drive a car and quite rightly they aren't interested in mirror, signal, reverse.

Driving a car really means being hunched over a Matchbox toy, skidding the thing wildly about and making extravagant noises while blessing it with the ability to drive vertically up a sofa arm or leap inexplicably on to a table. That's the spirit Super Toy Cars strives to capture. A kart racer with few frills, it gets one thing right: the vehicle handling very much prefers most youngsters' interpretation of driving physics.

Alas, much else about developer Eclipse Games's creation is a shade underwhelming. The kart racer archetype, in contrast to the rules of physics, is obeyed too rigidly – think weapon pick-ups and dodgem-like road manners – while the visuals, track design and rival AI all fail to impress.

Multiplayer is fun enough, but the game quickly drags, and when compared to the finesse of console-mate Mario Kart 8, Super Toy Cars offers only a fleeting distraction.

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