Sony plan to reinvent horror with new title to be revealed at Gamescom

PlayStationGC Screen Trailer 3

Another obscure trailer has appeared on PlayStation’s YouTube channel, which makes it the third teaser trailer we've seen for this new horror project.

The first trailer, below, simply titled with the hastag ‘#PlayStationGC’, appeared on 5th August. Blood drops on snowflakes and cracked ice, that’s it. But it did tease that more would be revealed at Gamescom this week.

The second trailer appeared on 7th August, titled ‘It’s coming’, and the same hastag. This time an axe hits a tree stump, some more cracked ice and blood, and that’s all.

The third trailer which appeared yesterday came with a little more of a descriptive title; ‘Watch HORROR REINVENTED ON PS4 at #PlayStationGC’. Well, we know its horror now then. We’re shown a window blowing in the breeze, blood stains, cracking ice again, and an image of someone in the glass bringing a hammer down on something. The description in the video states ’12 August 2014. 18:00 BST’, so we expect we’ll see more then.



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