More possible iPhone 6 images leaked online

Iphone 6 leaked images 4

Apple’s new iPhone is slated to be revealed next month, but now some more images have appeared online, supposedly of the phone itself.

Following more rumours around when the iPhone 6 will be announced and launched, some images have appeared that are said to show the new iPhone and its packaging. Tech Radar has reported on a source advising that the images below are supposedly taken by an Apple beta tester. Tech Radar says that the source they acquired the information and photos from is new, so they’re not 100% sure everything is real.

Iphone 6 leaked images 3

Iphone 6 leaked images 2

iphone 6 leaked image 1

Images from Tech Radar.

Another point to note with the phone in the images above, is how similar it looks to the clone phone in the video below. Could the images show the real thing, or is it just another fake iteration?

I guess time will tell whether we can trust these images, with the rumoured unveiling set to be happening next month, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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