7 hotly anticipated cross-platform games still to come to PS4 in 2014

Far Cry 4 Pagan Min

The most eagerly awaited non-exclusive titles lined up to hit PS4 this year

We’ve considered the top PS4 exclusives coming in 2014, but what of the must-play titles from outside of Sony’s sphere of influence that are coming our way? In a couple of months, PS4 gamers are going to be spoilt for choice, with some big ongoing cross-platform franchises making comebacks and some new IPs that are showing promise. Here’s seven big cross-platform titles we're getting excited about that are currently still due to hit Sony’s latest this year.


An FPS playing with ideas of spontaneous seamless multiplayer in a ‘shared world’ MMO, Destiny has huge potential to evolve the genre and from playing the beta we’re inclined to think it has a good chance. While Bungie deliberately avoid the term MMORPG, the fact they’ll only allow for top level raids to be carried out by groups of friends harks back to the days of more community focused ‘guild-led’ raids, before easy pick-up group raiding and dungeon queueing became the norm. This is something we feel could be a strong point for the game, although Bungie by their own admission are aware they’re taking a risk on it. For those that prefer to jump into anonymous co-op groups the content will be there however, as will some very promising PVP and some really enticing graphics on the PS4.


The Evil Within

Shinji Mikami’s latest game in a genre he pretty much started with Resident Evil. The Evil Within’s survival horror story follows detective Sebastian Castellanos who awakes in a gloriously horrific world populated with zombies. Stealth and knowing when to run come into play more than zombie slaying with this game and hiding, exploring and learning how to exploit traps to use against your enemies is paramount. While you can say The Evil Within isn’t bringing anything massively original, (the world has plenty of zombie games) the game is lavishly grotesque and gory and the chilling experience of driving your own horror film looks to be top notch. One horror fans are definitely going to want to check out.


Alien Isolation

Another title getting put in the survival horror box, Alien Isolation is doing its best to pay homage to the original Ridley Scott film. You only have one alien and the tech populating the game has been retroed-up to match the original 70s style. Play sees you on the run from the Alien, who you cannot kill, thus relying on you to be sneaky and use your wits to escape. Your Alien is pretty clever following work that has gone into its AI. This is intended to give the experience the Alien is learning from your actions, changing its hunting tactics accordingly. The resulting action is properly tense and scary, as you hide away (you can hold you breath to keep quiet) and try and outwit your hunter. While you get guns in the game you can only use them to kill androids and other humans on the space station and, if you want, you can play through the whole game without once killing someone. 


MIddle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This may not be the game for Tolkien purists, but the more we’ve seen of Shadow of Mordor the more it's got us interested. Playing as Talion the ranger who gains undead powers from a wraith sharing his frame, you can look into the minds of your enemies, learning their fears and exploiting them, even dominating them and bending them to you will to spread fear to others or do your bidding. On PS4 the game comes with a Nemesis AI system where your actions affect how some NPCs react to you, this is extended to your enemies, so for instance an Orc you wounded in combat may seek to take revenge. The combat is good and visceral and care has been taken to deliver a good Tolkien-esque fantasy tale with characters from the books; Gollum, Sauron etc brought in to give the story weight. We’re hoping it holds its own and doesn’t come off like a low rent Lord of the Rings.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware’s return to the Dragon Age series sees tweaks to the combat, the romance system and the game world. The devs have looked to Skyrim to help them build a much larger open-world experience which rolls out the more you gain influence and power. You can customise your base, Skyhold and send out your companions to do tasks for you. There’s some deep tactical aspects to explore too, not just with regards to combat, as you pass orders to your followers but also in the management of operations and resources. Add some big scripted dragon fights and lusciously seductive graphics, and you have the most ambitious Dragon Age title yet.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Compared to the last Assasin’s Creed jump into a revolutionary setting with Assassin’s Creed III. the signs are already there to suggest the experience will be more tangible. Set in Paris in the midst of the French Revolution, AC Unity is making use of new gen advancements to give greater depths to the experience of life in a crowded city. Recent info we found suggests crowds of up to 30,000 people will be present in the game and more of the interiors of Paris will become explorable. Playing as Arno you get some deep customisation options and missions you get will play out organically. AC Unity is also tapping into new gen multiplayer trends by allowing the whole game’s story to be played out cooperatively if desired.


Far Cry 4

A new deliciously unhinged boss in the shape of Pagan Min, a beautiful Himalayan backdrop with more to explore on the vertical, some new car-hopping, drive and shoot mechanics and elephants join Far Cry’s open-world, multiple approach gameplay. With Far Cry 4 effort has been put into ensuring the story mode and the explorative aspects aren’t at loggerheads. Less voice work has been put into the player character, Ajay Ghale in order to add to the sense of immersion and all the gameplay we’ve seen has us thinking this really is going to be a seriously fun, ‘do it your way’ action adventure. PS4 gamers with Plus are getting a pretty generous perk with Far Cry 4 as well, allowing you to invite friends to join you on the multiplayer even if they don’t own the game.

All the games above are set to arrive between September and November suddenly spoiling gamers for choice over the coming months. Presuming you're going to be getting stuck into more than one of the games on the list which one is your current top priority?


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