Video: Shadow of Mordor actors explore Talion and his wraith

Shadow of Mordor Talion wraithified

A new Shadow of Mordor video goes behind the scenes with actors Troy Baker and Alastair Duncan.

Monolith’s Tolkien-inspired action RPG is simmering away in preparation to be served up on its September release date. For those getting hyped to play Shadow of Mordor, a new video has been released with the voice actors behind Talion and his haunting wraith shadow Celebrimbor getting to grips with their fate-bound relationship in the game.

Playing the part of Aragorn doppelganger Talion is Troy Baker, who brought Joel to life in The Last of Us, with Alastair Duncan, who you may also recognise for his work on Mass Effect and Uncharted 3 cast as Celebrimbor.

The video shows some footage of scenes being performed in mo-cap suits, with the actors delving into the relationship that unfolds between the two characters drawn together in death, their voyage of discovery together and how their story informs the gameplay.


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is due out for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One landing in North America on 30th September and the UK on 3rd October

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