The Weird World of Motorsport (August 8)

Bernie Ecclestone 2012 Bahrain

A wry look at some of the stranger tales from the world of motorsport.

This week we bring you news of Fernando's two-wheeled escapades, Bernie's totally legit court settlement, and Romain's baby blues. But we start with...


Like any normal lad raised in "a not great place in Stevenage", Lewis Hamilton has spent his summer holiday hanging out in Washington D.C, attending a function at the White House, and meeting U.S President Barack Obama. He’s also been taking a frightening amount of selfies, particularly for a man who is already photographed non-stop.

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Bernie Ecclestone has had a busy week, too. The octogenarian empresario has settled his court case in Germany, agreeing to pay $100 million.

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Bernie has also expressed his fondness for the capitalist system. Then again, most billionaires tend to prefer it to profit sharing and collective ownership, don’t they?

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The French love going on holiday in August - it's basically their reason for existing the other 11 months of the year - with even their F1 drivers packing up the day job and heading for the coast. But Romain Grosjean was left fuming this week when he was denied access to Baoli Beach in Cannes because his new-born son Sacha was in tow. The ultra-chic beach, which attracts "wandering celebrities and restless tycoons", clearly doesn't want screaming tots interrupting its clientele.  Like any indignant celeb, Romain took to Twitter to vent his anger, which prompted one wag to reply with #ProblemeDeRiche. It's tricky to argue with that.



A Fernando Alonso-owned cycling team is looking increasingly likely to debut next year. The Spanish media has reported that the team has officially registered for a 2015 racing licence, with riders already being approached. Alonso has also spent the past week tweeting photos from his own cycling adventures across the Dolomites, just to prove what a bike nut he is. The team has been dubbed FACT - Fernando Alonso Cycling Team - which shows that even sporting greats like Alonso are capable of getting some things very wrong.

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