Latest Steam client update lets you hide your games

Steam Hidden Games Category 2

If you’re in the Steam client beta, you’ll now be able to hide any game you want with its new feature.

Got any games you want to hide on Steam? No, me neither. But if you did, you now can do so with its new beta client update. Have a look at my small guide to the process below.

I’m using Dota 2 in this example, but know this, I will not be hiding it ever again, this is purely in the interest of the guide. I need it too much to hide it.

First just start off by right-clicking the game you want to hide from your Library, and select the ‘Set Categories…’ option:

Steam Hidden Games Category 1

When the category box appears tick the ‘Hide this game in my library’ box in the bottom left, and click ‘OK’:

Steam Hidden Games Category 2

Now click the categories drop-down in the top-left of the Steam client and choose ‘Hidden’:

Steam Hidden Games Category 3

Voila, there’s your hidden game, or games. You can select multiple games to hide, or just assign a custom category to them, by using Shift-click or Ctrl-click, then right-clicking and ‘Set Categories...’.

Steam Hidden Games Category 4

Now I remove Dota 2 from hidden, and apologise to Valve.

Amongst the ability to hide your games, a slight change to the look of the Steam client was implemented. It adds a slight blue tinge to the top of the client window, to align more closely with Steam’s website and Big Picture mode. Check out the update announcement here for more info.

You won’t notice any of these changes unless you’re part on the Steam client beta, so have a look here to find out how to join up.

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