Xbox giving free copies of The Walking Dead Season 2 to its users

Xbox 360

Microsoft have been sending codes to its ‘valued’ members for free copies of Telltale Games’ episodic title.

Total Xbox have reported that Microsoft are sending out free codes for Telltale Games’ latest season of The Walking Dead. However, these codes are only being delivered to its ‘valued members’.

In the images below you can see a message received which contained the code, along with the next image offering the download of the game. It appears this is only for Episode 1, however, meaning you’ll need to purchase the other episodes to get the full experience. But, free is still free, so it’s nothing to complain about.

Xbox 360 free copy of The Walking Dead Season 2 screen 1Xbox 360 free copy of The Walking Dead Season 2 screen 2Images are from Total Xbox.

It’s unsure how you end up becoming a ‘valued’ member. I went and checked my Xbox 360 for a message but, alas, there was nothing to be found. I’ve been subscribed for over seven years, so it’s doubtful they’re using that to define ‘valued’. Perhaps it’s to do with purchases? Who knows. Anyway, please let us know if you’ve received one of these messages, it would be interesting to know how common or rare they are.

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