Sleeping Dogs could be heading to PS4 and Xbox One in October

Sleeping Dogs Year of the Snake DLC 1

A listing on the US Amazon store details a Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition.

With this new generation of consoles it seems developers are going crazy to try and get remakes, reboots, and remasterings of their games onto the new platforms. The latest title to suffer a leak online is Sleeping Dogs, the open-world GTA-style game from United Front Games and Square Enix, which was released back in 2012.

The Amazong listing details the Definitive Edition as coming complete with all the previously-released DLC, and there’s quite a lot of it; ranging from new vehicles, missions, clothing and weapons. Whilst Eurogamer says the initial listing stated a 14th October release, it has since been changed to a standard placeholder date of 31st December 2014.

The listing also detailed a limited edition artbook that players will receive if they were to pre-order the game – priced at $59.99. Take a look at the game’s poster below. Thanks, Eurogamer.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Amazon US listing

I’ve played Sleeping Dogs on PC, and it’s brilliant. If you want a GTA-style game, and you like Hong Kong cinema, Sleeping Dogs will more than satisfy you - plus the combat makes you feel like Bruce Lee.

We’ll update you with any further information as and when it appears.

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