Bioware teases ‘You’ve Been Chosen’ again, and it may be an eSport

Bioware Impact Teaser Screen 1

More emails have been sent out from developer Bioware to tease their ‘You’ve Been Chosen’ project, but could this be a new competitive title?

I’ve got another one of those weird Bioware emails again, have you? If not then let me bring you up to speed – a couple of weeks ago developer Bioware sent emails out with the subject line ‘You’ve Been Chosen’, along with a link to an obscure YouTube video.

About a week ago they did it again, with another, equally obscure, video. A fictional blog and fake college website were also spotted online, which seem to tie-in to the mysterious project. And now they’re at it again with the third video below.

It looks like this is all leading up to a game announcement at Gamescom in Germany on 13th August next week, as the emails and videos teased at the same date and city venue. Plus, in the video description and on the ‘You’ve Been Chosen’ website, information states a ‘fan event’ and livestream on that day.

The livestream will be broadcast on Twitch at (which is linked to the gamescom 2014 channel) from 4PM – 5 PM CEST (7AM PDT / 2PM GMT). Other 'ESL' Twitch channels linked to the Gamescom 2014 channel all appear to be solely for broadcasting eSports games, so could this project be a new competitive game? The tone of the trailers, along with the fake blog and website, initially suggested something that wouldn't immediately bring 'eSport' to mind. In essence, Bioware have us confused, but I guess we'll find out more next week.

Take a look at the latest video below which shows a girl (could this be the missing Henna?) muttering ‘it’s not my fault’, whilst a house is being swallowed up by a massive hole in the ground, and another ring of fire can be seen, similar to the previous trailers.

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