August’s free PS3 games on PS Plus - Crysis 3, Proteus & Fez

Crysis 3 prophet

Three free games are available for PS3 in August with Crytek’s Crysis 3 headlining the selection

PS3 gamers signed up to PlayStation Plus now have three new games available for free. Read on for more about August’s Instant Game Collection games.

Crysis 3

Originally launching last year, Crysis 3 continues Crytek’s futuristic FPS series on a mission to a New City overtaken with dense jungle and swamp land. With some very impressive graphics, well regarded multiplayer and a single player story that effectively allows you to explore different gameplay options, Crysis 3 received a largely positive reception from critics. If this is a game that passed you by it is well worth a play just to experience the visuals on PS3.



Another first person experience, this time delivered in a way that has some calling Proteus an anti-game. There’s no set goals or narrative and limited ineraction with this game. Instead you are free to explore a pixel-art style island, immersing yourself in the interactive soundtrack that builds and lulls depending on your location and movements. Praised for its unique and engaging experience, Proteus stands as an example of how a game can engage and impress without leaning on shiny graphics and tried and tested formulas.



Those who have seen Indie Game the Movie will recognise Phil Fish’s indie hit Fez. Playing out in a twisty-turny world of shifting 2D viewpoints, Fez blends recognisable elements of games from the past with wholly new and intriguing mechanics that nurture discovery and exploration.


That’s August’s free PS3 games on PS Plus. The three games on offer are available to download for free fight now from the PlayStation Store and will remain available until next months influx of free titles. Let us know if any of the above selection will be getting a play from you.


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