The Elder Scrolls Online update 1.3.3 now live

Elder Scrolls Online

The third major update for The Elder Scrolls Online brings several new guild features

ESO patch update 1.3.3 is now live and available to download.

Announcing the update Zenimax state, “In this update, we’ve added armor dye stations where you can change the color of your armor with dyes you unlock through achievements. We’ve also added and improved many guild features including the addition of guild heraldry, guild traders, and improved guild management.”

“Another exciting change is the updates to our campaigns in Cyrodiil. We’ve implemented new campaign options, each with their own rule set.”

With the update players will be able to create guild Heraldrys which allow for shared guild insignias to be depicted on equippable tabards. Guilds will also be able to hire merchants to run public guild stores and open shared guild banks to deposit gold.

Zenimax also state that they are working on overall class balances which they aim to do, “carefully so as not to impact your build too much.”

Full patch notes can be found by following this link.

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