Four free Vita games now up for grabs on PS Plus!

Metrico Cover 2

It’s a bumper month for EU Vita gamers signed up to PlayStation Plus, with four free games on offer including the brand new Vita exclusive Metrico

Picking up games for free is always a bonus but how about four? In addition to the standard two free games for Vita on plus in August, there's an additional two coming as free cross-buys.


A game making use of some of the Vita’s hardware features, Metrico uses clean, stylized infographic-inspired artwork, architectural elements and motion graphics to build its platforming puzzles. By using a mechanic called input morphing, Metrico’s platforms move around in reaction to your own movements, giving you the ability to physically experiment with the world around you as you tune into the game's retro synth soundscapes.


LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7

Harry Potter, Voldemort , magic and an awful lot of Lego. Years 5-7 follows the plotlines of the last three J.K. Rowling books with the usual humorous Lego cut-scenes and bonus things to do once you’ve played through the story.



Coming as a free cross-buy spanning PS3, PS4 and Vita, Fez is a celebrated indie game set in a cubist-style world of shifting viewpoints, liberally daubed with references to classic games. Given the reputation that precedes Fez, this is one to play for posterity alone, plus it's free!



The fourth game and second bonus title by virtue of another cross platform download is Proteus. This is an explorative experience with limited interaction, no narrative and no specific goals. Instead you move around a procedurally-generated pixel art island triggering audio dependant on your movements and location.


That’s Vita’s PS Plus games for August, they’re available now on the UK PlayStation Store until September’s update. Feel free to comment about the games on offer.

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