Dyson launching next generation of quieter, bladeless desk fan

Dyson AM06 Fan

Dyson's AM06 desk fan creates up to 75% less sound that it's predecessor, comes with a remote control, and a sleep timer feature.

Have you been feeling the heat in the UK this summer? I certainly have! Alas, I’m yet to actually venture out to buy myself a desk fan, but it’s on my ‘to do’ list, I assure you. Anyway, if you, like me, need a fan yourself and are willing to spend a cool £250 for one, Dyson have you covered.

The new AM06 Desk Fan from Dyson looks like a futuristic bit of kit, not really any different from the company’s first fan, the AM01. However, this version has its advantages.

The AM06 is said to be 75% quieter, and use 40% less power than the AM01 released in 2009. It comes with a magnetized remote control which attaches to the machine for neat storage, has up to 10 airflow settings, as well as a sleep timer and oscillation controls.

Unlike regular fans, the AM06 has no visible blades, and uses a jet stream of air pushed through a thin opening in the loop to deliver its cooling breeze. The official description of this process is described by Dyson below;

‘Air is accelerated through an annular aperture, creating a high-velocity jet of air. This passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp, channelling its direction and creating areas of low pressure behind and around the fan. The change in pressure forces surrounding air to be drawn into the airflow, resulting in a powerful stream of smooth cooling air.’

I’m not sure my simplified explanation did it justice, but you get the idea. Thanks, Spears.

Take a look at the official video from Dyson below, which compares this generation of fans with the last, and check out their website for more information.