Zelda themed Monopoly arrives in the US on 15th September

Zelda Wii U Cover

GameStop pre-orders to get retailer-exclusive content!

In addition to the Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors game, Zelda fans in the US will be able to pick up the tabletop Monopoly/Zelda crossover this autumn, offering more Zelda related gaming treats to keep you going while Nintendo work away at the hugely anticipated Wii U Zelda comeback.

With a Monopoly board featuring locations from the Legend of Zelda series, the game will replace Chance and Community Chest cards with Empty Bottles and Treasure Chests, houses with Deku Sprouts and hotels with Deku Trees. The four station squares have been replaced with transportation from the Zelda universe, including Loftwing and Spirit Trains and paper rupees will form the game's currency.

Zelda Monopoly


The Zelda theme does not appear to extend to the corner squares with the ‘Jail, Go’ and ‘Free Parking’ staying true to the original property magnate game.

The iconic Monopoly play pieces have also been replaced with Zelda-orientated fare. The Bow, Hookshot, Boomerang, Hylian Shield and Triforce will all be featured.

Being well versed in the ways of exclusive game pre-order content, retailers GameStop will also offer an Ocarina of Time playing piece and six bonus, "Power Cards for added game play," although exactly what these will entail hasn’t been revealed.

Zelda Monopoly is out in the US on 15th September priced at $39.99, sadly there is no word regarding a release in Europe as yet.

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