See The Avengers Assemble movie reimagined as an 8-bit video game

8 Bit Avengers Cover

Marvel’s action spectacular looks like it would have been an awesome video game back in the day.

CineFix’s recent 8-Bit Cinema video takes The Avengers and mashes it up into a retro 8-bit video game. Condensing key plot-points and iconic moments from The Avengers Assemble into a 3 minute gaming video, the 8-Bit Cinema version is rich with retro nostalgia, from the cute sprites recalling Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and company to the distinctly old-school blips, clangs and crunches of the soundtrack.

Had this game existed in the 8-bit console days we feel it would have been a strong contender up against the Zeldas, Mega Mans and Marios of the time.


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