New Hyrule Warriors content detailed in Nintendo Direct video

Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf

Four new characters confirmed along with a look at some new settings, weapons and some of the core gameplay mechanics.

A half hour Nintendo Direct presentation aired yesterday showing off Tecmo Koei’s Zelda/Dynasty Warriors fusion game.

During the presentation the character roster was shown in detail revealing four new playable characters. Long-standing Zelda end boss Ganondorf, Zant and Midna from Twilight Princess and Ghirahim from Skyward Sword will all be playable in Hyrule Warriors.

The video, which is below also went into how the game will be using recognisable elements from the Zelda universe and showed some of the alternate weapons and attacks available along with a preview of some of the locations you’ll be playing in, among them Twilight Field from Twilight Princess, Lake Hylia from Ocarina of Time and Skyloft from Skyward Sword.


Hyrule Warriors is a Wii U exclusive and is set to launch on 19th September in Europe and 26th September in North America.

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