NBA: Which 12 players should make the Team USA World Cup cut?

Bradley Beal, John Wall and Paul Millsap have been cut from the USA roster.

With the FIBA World Cup approaching Team USA's final roster is beginning to form.

After Paul George's horrific leg break, John Wall and Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks' Paul Millsap were the latest to be cut from the United States squad, leaving 16 players scrapping for 12 places on the team.

So who should make the final cut? Here are the lucky players who should make it, and those who will just miss out.

On the plane

Kevin Durant - The NBA MVP will be the team's star player and is crucial to the USA's success in Spain. No chance he misses out. Could start at either small forward or power forward.

Anthony Davis - The premier big man on the roster, he was virtually a lock to make the cut even before Kevin Love pulled out. His shot blocking and pick-and-roll play are key.

Steph Curry - Perhaps the best shooter in basketball. He will start at point guard, and what he lacks defensively he will more than make up for from beyond the three-point line.

James Harden - Contributes very little defensively but is one of the game's biggest talents and a truly unique player. Could start alongside Curry or lead the second unit off the bench.

Derrick Rose - Rose is a lock providing he is able to stay healthy, which looks to be the case. Coaches have raved about how strong and athletic he looks, and at his best he is an MVP-calibre player.

Scraping in

Klay Thompson - The second Splash Brother will find his way onto the roster because of his defensively play, shooting and chemistry with Curry. Don't be surprised to see the USA start an all-Golden State backcourt.

DeMarcus Cousins - Boogie is the most talented big man offensively available to the USA, and he could form a truly dominant frontcourt if Davis shifts to the four.

Kenneth Faried - A freak athlete, rebounder and shot-blocker, Faried offers something that no one else on this roster can. His energy is game-changing and he can be a huge impact player off the bench.

Chandler Parsons - Parsons is highly versatile offensively and could play at the three or four for the USA. He needs to step up defensively, but he should squeeze on to the plane to Spain.

DeMar DeRozan - The Toronto Raptor should grab the final wing spot. He has impressed in camp both offensively and defensively and is one of the team's top athletes.

Damian Lillard - Perhaps the toughest call, and one that Coach K probably won't make. Lillard has excelled in clutch moments throughout his career and will not fear the big shot in an elimination game.

Missing out

Kyrie Irving - The ex-Duke guard is one of Coach K's favourites and will probably make the roster. But simply put, he brings nothing to the table that Lillard does not provide already.

Kyle Korver - An elite three-point shooter with plenty of size, Korver's one-dimensional play on offense will hold him back.

Gordon Hayward - Should just miss out in the scrap with Parsons and DeRozan. He is solid on both ends of the floor but has failed to impress so far in training camp.

Andre Drummond - In time he will become one of the NBA's top centers, but this is perhaps a year or two too early for him. Could struggle to adapt to a European-style game.