Video: Evolve extended gameplay footage

Evolve Screen 3

We have some more footage of Evolve in action focusing on play as the Kraken.

A new video courtesy of YouTuber jackfrags shows 23 minutes of gameplay from Turtle Rock’s hugely anticipated monster-hunting multiplayer shooter Evolve.

The footage, recorded at a recent event in Munich shows the game from the perspective of one of the monsters, in this case the Kraken. In the video you can see how killing the local fauna helps the monsters to level up and ‘evolve’. When a player controlled beastie reaches a high enough level they can either attempt to take out the hunters on their trail or destroy a generator to win the game.

Hunter groups are made up of teams of four players that choose from a selection of classes with differing abilities.


An alpha test on PC for Evolve ran last weekend for the lucky few. If you weren’t chosen, 2K Games have said there will be more opportunities to get involved in future planned alpha tests.

Evolve will launch on October 21st for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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A whole match in action


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