Mass Effect 4 could focus more on exploration and discovery

Mass Effect 4 Bioware SDCC Panel Footage Screen 1

A video showing images from the Bioware panel at SDCC give a glimpse into the new Mass Effect game from the studio.

A couple of weeks ago we heard that a panel on the new Mass Effect was being held at Comic Con, and now some footage of that panel has been uploaded to YouTube. With very little known about Bioware and EA’s new Mass Effect game, it’s always exciting to hear more about it, even if it’s not much. In the video below you’ll get a peek at the male and female versions of the main character, as well as their attire, which isn’t the usual battle armour we’re used to seeing.

The devs talking about the images we see mention exploration, and how the armour that’s being worn will give the character a ‘free range of motion to do all sorts of great exploration activities in game’. The helmet is also talked of, which has a large glass front that appears to cover the top of the helmet too, allowing you to ‘get into dialogues without obstructing the face of the player' and 'also from a purely operational standpoint they can look around and see things a lot more easier.’

This emphasis on ease of vision and exploration, plus the return of the Mako, makes us think the next game will focus more heavily on the actual exploration and discovery aspect – could this be an even more open game than we’ve seen previously? We’ll have to wait and hear more, but we’ll bring you any updates as and when they’re announced. Enjoy the video – thanks, Kotaku.



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