Humble Weekly Bundle goes spaceage - Velocity Ultra, The Fall & more!

Velocity Ultra Cover

The Humble Store just keeps on giving with some bargains to be had on sci-fi themed titles this week.

Low on funds but hungry for new games? The best place to start looking is the Humble Store. As always you’ll be doing your bit for charity too.

In this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle there’s a stash of sci-fi orientated titles to pick up at a silly, low price.

Pay what you want for Q.U.B.E. and early access to Cosmic DJ. Pay just $1.00 or more to also get Velocity Ultra.

Up the ante to $6.00 or more to also net yourself Strike Vector, Strike Suit Infinity and The Fall.

Front $15.00 or more and you can get all the games above along with solar system-sized, turn based tactical space combat game The Last Federation.

Purchasing grants you keys to redeem on Steam for Windows with some titles also available for Mac and Linux.

Head here to purchase if any of the games take your fancy.

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