Derrick Rose called 'most impressive player' at Team USA camp

The Chicago Bulls star has looked great in his return from injury.

Derrick Rose is playing basketball again and the anticipation for what he can do with the Chicago Bulls next season has already begun.

Rose sat out almost the entirety of the past two seasons through injury, but the former MVP has been showcasing his skills and turning heads at Team USA's training camp ahead of the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, who is a Team USA assistant, said of Rose: "He's been the most impressive guy here." That is high praise, considering the current USA roster also features league MVP Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis and Steph Curry, among others.

"You have to be a little surprised at seeing what he's doing," Boeheim added. "He's looked great. All the rehab, all the work -- people don't realize how hard that is. That's not easy. And to see Derrick Rose back, I think it's a great thing, and it will be great for Chicago."

Rose's trademark has always been his aggressive, explosive style of play. He has never feared taking a hit, but after such a long spell on the sidelines it would not be surprising to see him shy away from contact.

That has not been the case so far, according to USA coach Mike Krzyzewski.

"He's gone after people," Krzyzewski said. "[Shying away from contact] ain't happening. He's going after everybody, and he's really going hard."

He added: "I think he's shown he has great balance and strength. He's stronger, and he has better balance, and he's shooting the ball great. I think he's been absolutely terrific these first two days."

Rose believes he has developed his game and feels he is playing a smarter style of basketball. 

"I can be more aggressive, but I'm picking and choosing [and] just trying to see what the game needs.

"On my team, I have to score. Here I can be really a point guard and really get guys in a groove and really get them in a rhythm to shoot the ball. So my job is to play defense, move the ball up the court and get guys open and shoot open shots."

Rose is the only player other than LeBron James and Kevin Durant to be named NBA MVP in the past six years. His return to full health is an exciting prospect for the league, and if he really is on the top of his game then he could be on his way to international and domestic glory.