Bioware teases us with new game again

Bioware Spark Teaser Trailer Screen 1

Have you received a new cryptic email from Bioware? This video reveals more about their new title expected at Gamescom this month.

Just a week ago Bioware sent out emails with the subject line, ‘You’ve been Chosen’, along with a link to a teaser video which was obscure to say the least. Well, they’re at it again, and they have another trailer to confuse us.

Last night I received an email with the subject ‘Do you know they are watching?’ and a link to the below video. Instead of the super-confusing dream-like first trailer, with the guy that had smoke for a head, it’s yet another super-confusing trailer centred around annoying callers.

The trailer features a ring of fire, just like the first trailer, although this time it’s blue. And around the 0:46 mark you'll spot a missing person poster for Henna Caplin, the girl that's spoken about on this fictional blog that ties into the game. Plus there’s reference to 13th August 2014 in the YouTube info box, which falls on the first day of Gamescom in Germany, and that's when we’ll likely hear more. Bioware, consider us confused and intrigued.


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