See the best and weirdest of San Diego Comic Con 2014

Hawk Girl Sneaky Zebra SDCC 2014 1

Sneaky Zebra were at SDCC last weekend, and they’ve strung together a video showing off the best cosplay, along with a competition at the end.

Remember that great Witcher 3 live-action short we showed you? Well the directors, Sneaky Zebra, were at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) last weekend, and they’ve put together a new video showcasing some of the amazing cosplay at the convention.

In the video you’ll see plenty of slo-mo panning and revolving as they picked out some of the best cosplayers at the event, as well as some familiar faces you may recognise. Some of the costumes range from low-budget homemade, to truly professional-looking creations that would feel at home in a big budget movie. And what about that Apocalypse at the 3:39 mark – amazing!

Make sure to stick around till the end of the vid, as the directors have a competition to win two exclusive SDCC Firefly figures. Enjoy!



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