PlayStation Now open beta rolls out in North America for PS4

PS Now Logo

Starting from July 31st, PS4 gamers can get on board Sony’s games streaming service to see what they think.

Previously a private beta test of PlayStation Now has been running where a select few have been putting the service through its paces. Now an open beta is free to all gamers In the US and Canada who have a PS4.

While the beta runs, over 100 PlayStation 3 titles will be available to rent for four-hourly, 7, 30 or 90 day slots with varying prices dependent on the title.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Now director, Jack Buser notes, “With a strong and stable broadband connection, visual and gameplay quality will be much like what you’re used to with other PS3 games. PS Now will also feature cloud game saves, as well as support for other popular network features such as Trophies, friend lists and leaderboards.”

“You can also play seamlessly online with other people on PS Now, or even players who have the downloadable or disc based version of the game. As you know, the PS3 catalog of games is massive and incredibly diverse, and we’re thrilled to make these epic experiences available to PS4 first, followed by our other PlayStation platforms in the coming months.”

An issue which arose from the closed beta was the high rental charges, Buser notes that moves are being made to make these fairer, “Also, in a few weeks, you will start seeing reduced pricing on some 4-hour rentals which will appear at $1.99,” he wrote.

Calls for a paid subscription in a similar vein to PlayStation Plus are being considered by Sony, with Buser noting, “we’ve heard you loud and clear for an update on a PS Now subscription option and want to reassure you that we are working on it”

Below is PS Now beta walkthrough video to help you get started.


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