Level 29 Titan in Destiny is basically Superman

Destiny Hive Screen

As part of IGN First, Bungie has revealed footage of a level 29 Titan class character, and exactly what you can do at that level in the game.

The road to Destiny’s release is just 6 weeks long, so for the next month or so we’ll be given more and more information about the game leading up to its launch. In the latest IGN First video we’re taken to Bungie Studios and given a tour of a level 29 Titan class character.

Initially you’ll see how well-geared the character looks – certainly playing the beta and being capped at level 8 gave me quite a different looking character than the one in the video. Still awesome, but different. At level 29 you’re gonna be pretty well-geared, and as a Titan the sandbox design lead on Destiny, Sage Merrill, chose to take the Striker subclass, showing off some of the skills he acquired by doing so - including a Superman-style ground-smash. If you’re already looking forward to the game this video will only excite you more, so check it out.

Destiny is due for release on 9th September for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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