Latest Shadow of Mordor trailer shows wraith powers in effect

Shadow Of Mordor

A new trailer for Monolith’s upcoming Tolkien-inspired action RPG is out showing off the supernatural wraith powers available to Talion.

Shadow of Mordor follows a new story taking place in between events of Tolkien’s books the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The game’s lead character Talion is imbued with some very useful abilities granted to him by a mysterious spirit that has embodied him after he was ’banished from death’.

The wraith in question is the spirit of Celebrimbor, a character taken directly from the Tolkien universe who was responsible for forging the Elven rings of power.

In the video below you can see how Talion’s inherited wraith abilities can be used in-game. You will be able to peer into the mind of your foes to read their strengths and fears, exploiting them to get the upper hand. Your wraith skills will also allow you to dominate your enemies and turn them against their own.


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