Free trial for Final Fantasy XIV MMO kicks off today in UK

Final Fantasy XIV a realm reborn

Starting at 6pm this evening in the UK you’ll be able to check out Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn for free on PC.

From 6pm on July 31st Square Enix will be offering a free 14 day trial for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The trial for PC gamers will put limitations on in-game activities and restrict the level-cap to 20.

Access to the recently released Defenders of Eorzea expansion will be granted, so you’ll be able to get involved in the Frontline PVP battlefield where up to 72 players can take part and you’ll also be able to raise Chocobos.

In a drive to bring in more FFXIV gamers, Square Enix has also started a new recruit a friend campaign in which current players will be offered in-game rewards for bringing a friend to the game that becomes a subscriber for a month or more.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn originally launched in August 2013 for PC and PS3, joining PS4 in April this year. Plans for an Xbox One version of the game have been obstructed by certain Xbox Live rules that prevent MMOs working across platforms.

For those uninitiated into the Realm Reborn world below is the prologue trailer from last year.

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