Four key steps for new Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott

The new Lakers coach will face a tough season with a roster featuring Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Lin and Julius Randle.

Byron Scott has been named the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, taking on one of the NBA's most prestigious and yet most difficult jobs.

The former Cavaliers, Hornets and Nets coach will take on one of the league's worst rosters, an aging superstar and a fanbase that expects to consistently challenge for titles.

Here are four key steps that Scott must take to be a success in Lakerland next season.

Get Julius Randle the ball

Randle is the most exciting rookie the Lakers have had in years, and is perhaps the only piece on the roster who could still be on the team in ten years. The Kentucky man is considered one of the most NBA-ready rookies this season, and the Lakers brass will want to know how much of an asset he can be going forward. With plenty of offensive players on the roster Scott must make it a priority to ensure that Randle gets his touches and opportunities to score.

Integrate Jeremy Lin

Lin fell out of favour with the Houston Rockets last season, predominantly because of his inability to mesh in the backcourt with James Harden. Like Harden, Kobe Bryant is a ball-dominant guard who will get his touches, and Lin will need to be better than he was in Houston if he is to be the Lakers' starting point guard. Scott must find a way to utilise Lin's pick-and-roll skills while keeping Bryant happy in the backcourt.

Establish a defensive identity

The Lakers have so much offensive talent on their roster, but the defensive side of the ball will be a major concern next season. Bryant used to be an elite defender but now that father time has caught up with him it is unlikely that he can guard his position well. Whether it is through an ultra-conservative scheme or even the use of a zone, Scott must find a way to make his team better on the defensive end.

Show Kobe who is boss

The Lakers have very little chance of making the playoffs this season, but with Kobe Bryant in the final years of his career the shooting guard will be gunning for nothing less than a title. Bryant's respect for Scott is well-documented, but if the Lakers' season starts slowly there is a chance the 35-year-old could make his displeasure clear in the media. Keeping Kobe happy is key to Scott's job as the Lakers coach, and he will need to ensure that his superstar remains patient with such a young roster.