Fantasy MMORPG Neverwinter confirmed for Xbox One release early 2015

Neverwinter Dragon cover

Cryptic Studios’ free to play Dungeons & Dragons MMO is coming to consoles.

Neverwinter was one of the stand-out new MMORPGs in 2013 and next year, starting with the Xbox One, the game will be making its way to consoles. As reported by IGN, Neverwinter will start rolling out on Xbox One in China in the autumn with a worldwide release expected in early 2015.

The word from Neverwinter's lead producer, Andy Velasquez, is that the game will have, "all the same races, all the same classes, all the same maps. The content will be there, with some minor exceptions."

"Since we launched on PC,” Velasquez said, “we've added some bits to the endgame, and then we added another module which had another campaign at the endgame. So we'll probably stagger those releases [in the console version]."

A major job in the move of a PC MMORPG to consoles is how to adapt the game from keyboard and mouse input to being played with a controller. Velasquez gave some encouraging words however to indicate the controller based system in Neverwinter will fit well.“From the beginning, we always received feedback that this would be great with a controller, and we even have a bunch of PC users who, using just a 360 controller, have come up with keybind files," he said,. "I basically just plugged a controller into my PC and messed around with different configurations. At this point now, I can't stand playing our game with a mouse and keyboard. I actually like playing it with a controller; it just feels better."

In the console port Neverwinter’s floating menus will be replaced with a ‘tray’ of controller commands spread across the bottom of the screen.

A PS4 version of Neverwinter was also talked about at E3 but as yet no release date has been given.

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