Destiny’s hidden Seraphim Vault area, what’s it all about?

Destiny 18

The Destiny beta ended on Sunday, and one player ventured into realms unknown by way of a glitch.

The Destiny beta allowed players access to a small number of areas, to test the game and give Bungie some useful data in which to hopefully fine tune it before release on 9th September. Over on Reddit, user B4NND1T has shared his exploits in the beta, and how he found a hidden area called Seraphim Vault.

Seraphim Vault was accessible by way of a glitch on the Strike mission in Old Russia, on Earth. Speculation centres round Seraphim being a Warmind, like the one called Rasputin you hear about in the beta.

Whatever, or whoever, Seraphim is, they must be important to have such a huge area built it their name. Once Destiny is released we’ll be able to fully delve into the story and lore of the game, and uncover exactly what’s going on. Have a look at the videos below to see the area itself. This thread over on NeoGAF is definitely worth a read too, thanks, Total Xbox.

Destiny is due for release on 9th September for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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