Upcoming games for PS Vita - August 2014

The Swapper Cover

New games on the way for Vita in August including a Vita exclusive in the shape of Metrico

If you’re on the search for new Vita games coming in August we’ve rounded up the month’s selection for you.

Table Top Racing - August 5th North America, August 6th UK

Micro Machines meets Mario Kart! Race your toy car around a set of domicile courses.with some simplistic tilt or touch screen controls.


Metrico - August 5th North America, August 6th UK

An exclusive title for Vita, Metrico is a game about infographics and free will. In the Metrico world infographics react to your actions, adding unpredictable twists to the platforming genre that have a fair few critics singing its praises.


The Swapper - August 5th North America, August 6th UK

An indie platform/puzzler from Facepalm games with wide critical acclaim. The Swapper has you cloning yourself and switching between copies of your game character to solve puzzles as you make your way out of an abandoned space station. The game also has a distinctive, atmospheric style. Check it out below. 


Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed - August 12th North America

EU gamers will have to wait to October for Akiba’s Trip 2 (Akiba Strip). This controversial title has you stripping the clothes off demons to expose them to sunlight set in an honest reproduction of the Akihabara district of Tokyo where over 130 real life locations have been recreated.


Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited - August 12th North America, August 29th Europe

The Disgaea series continues with a focus on Netherworld politics, following the story of Valvatorez leading a party to overthrow the Netherworld president. A turn based strategic RPG, Disgaea 4 brings in a new mechanic where allies can pick up numerous others to build 'towers'.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment - August 12th North America, August 29th UK

Kirito is stuck in an MMORPG and dying in the game leads to his death in real life. You’ll get access to over 100 recruitable characters to aid you through SAO's dungeons in a game that combines MMORPG and dating sim elements.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 - August 26th North America, August 27th UK

Yet more JRPG goodness for the Vita with the rather clunkily titled Re;Birth1, a Vita remake of Hyperdimension Neptunia. A story based JRPG with some 3D Dungeon-ing, Hyperdimension is a colourful anime take on the 7th generation ‘console war’ fought out between PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

That’s what we know of coming to the Vita in August. If you have any comments do join in below.


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