Think you know your Warcraft lore? This video will help you.

World of Warcaft Logo (vanilla WoW)

A YouTube creator has uploaded a summarised Warcraft lore video spanning the Warcraft and World of Warcraft games.

As a recovering World of Warcraft (WoW) player I tend to keep away from most things to do with the game, just in case it pulls me back in, but in this instance I had to make an exception.

YouTube user Nobbel87 has created a video which delves into the lore behind the Warcraft series and sums it up in a 40 minute video. I had to watch this and share it with you, because for so many years I played the Warcraft games, including WoW, and thought I had a fair grasp of it’s story and lore, but always felt some of it eluded me.

This video filled in the gaps for me and hopefully, if you’re feeling a little perplexed by it all, it’ll do the same for you. So, go make yourself a sandwich, sit back, and take in a lesson in Warcraft. Thanks, Kotaku.

Nobbel87 has plenty of other Warcraft related videos on his channel, so you should definitely check them out.


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Do you know Warcraft’s lore? Check out this video to see how much you do or don’t know.

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