This week’s new PS4 games


The Last of Us Remastered finally lands this week along with the roguelke platformer Rogue Legacy

Three new games are available for PS4 this week with The Last of Us Remastered headlining the selection.

The Last of Us Remastered

Naughty Dog’s celebrated, multi-award winning PS3 masterpiece makes its way to PS4 this week with upscaled graphics and a host of new features. For gamers that know the game you’ll be able to follow the post-apocalyptic survival story of Joel and Elle for a second time in glorious 1080p, Newcomers to PlayStation who missed the game on PS3 have their chance to see what all the fuss is about. This is a serious must play game.

Pure Pool

The successor to Hustle Kings brings some deeply realistic looking pool action to the PS4 creating a pool room experience that is the next best thing to playing in real life.

Rogue Legacy

Coming as a cross-buy also for PS3 and Vita Rogue Legacy is an indie platforming Roguelike that plays with the perma-death idea by having your character pass on their legacy to succeeding generations when you die. Characters that you inherit can be born with some very real sounding conditions ADHD, dyslexia etc which have an effect on the gameplay in a procedurally generated castle raid that changes with each run.

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