DC Universe Online: GU39 League Halls Now Available

DC Universe Online

Game Update 39 went live last week and has introduced some new features and improvements.

League Halls are now available in game for everyone, however these will take a pretty large chunk of time to obtain, this is also providing that you are in a relatively big league.

League Halls will take over a week to obtain on average so start building up your League's prestige. Leagues will be receiving a significant amount of updates to add collective advancement and improve functionality.

Fire Powers have now been updated and certain damage mechanics have been improved. New mechanics centered around "Channels and Casts" can be utilized to cause much more damage. Fire now has the same damage potential as weapon mastery and other powers.

Wonder Girl has also been added to Legends PVP and is available to members for 100 marks of legend per character, alternatively members and non-members can purchase Wonder Girl on the Marketplace which will be redeemable for every character on the account.

The next game update will feature the new Halls of Power DLC, let us know what you think about the league halls, the prices, wonder girl and the new fire update. We will keep you updated with any more news on this.

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