Pokémon Trading Card Game review – tricky and compelling

Pokemon X

Back in Pokémon's heyday, Nintendo released a plethora of tie-in games that were – on the whole – excellent. Pokémon Trading Card Game was one such title.

Originally released on the Game Boy Colour 14 years ago, this adventure title is based on the real-world card game that is still going strong today. And just like the more traditional Pokémon titles, gamers must catch 'em all – this time there are more than 220 cards to find – and battle eight gym leaders in order to become the ultimate champion.

This 3DS port stands up remarkably well. The rudimentary plot and repetitive visuals let it down slightly, and the original's multiplayer mode – where gamers could battle and trade with one another – is missing. There was also a far superior sequel that was only released in Japan, and it would have been preferable if Nintendo had brought that one to Europe instead.

Regardless, the title's core battling gameplay remains excellent. Gamers must build a deck of 60 cards and get the right combination to survive numerous tricky and compelling challenges.

It's by far the deepest Pokémon RPG system introduced in the history of the franchise, and a must for fans who missed out first time around.

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